Time Worksheets. Free Printable Clock worksheets for Kids and Kindergarten

Welcome to Time Worksheets OrgTime Worksheets offering Free Printable Clock Worksheets for Kids in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades, Preschool, etc for Learning to read the time. Print and study at home!

Welcome to Time Worksheets! If you have Kids at home who need to learn how to read the time, Time worksheets can help you. Free printable time related worksheets for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades and depending on your Child's abilities, these printable clock worksheets can be used effectively for study at home and to learn to read the time properly.

Learning to read the time is probably one of the most basic things in life yet extremely important as we use it every single day and virtually every single hour.

Most of our lives are run through schedules and time is the most important factor. From waking up in the morning to doing all our daily activities to sleeping at night, everything seems to be reliant on time schedules. It's extremely important that your Kids to learn to read the Time and Clock faces early and Time Worksheets is here to help!  

Listed below we have a selection of Time Worksheets for study and learning in several important categories. These Time worksheets contain standard clock faces with questions. The use of 12 hour time formats are available through the Printable Time worksheets below. we hope these worksheets will help your child's ability to learn and master reading time ( clock faces ) quickly! Thank you.

Time Worksheets for Telling the Time with Clock Faces.Time Worksheets for Telling the Time with Clock Faces

These Time Worksheets are excellent for children just starting to learn about reading the time. These worksheets are prepared in formats for each 1 Hour increments.

These Printable Clock worksheets are laid out very neatly and clearly. There are 6 Time Clock faces per worksheet. Below each clock face, the student must enter the correct time based on what is shown on the clock face itself.

For each time increment from 1 hour worksheets, there are a total of 10 time worksheets available in the category to print and study with. These clock worksheets are excellent for kids in kindergarten and preschool.

View and Print these Time Worksheets for Telling the Time through Clock Faces

Time Worksheets - Adding and Subtracting TimeTime Worksheets for Telling Time with Subtracting and Adding Time

These Time worksheets are presented with Clock faces with a time and a set of 2 questions for each Clock Face / Time reading. Several basic questions are asked about the time in question which uses addition and subtraction skills in order to come up with the correct answer about the time.

The student must answer these Time related questions. There are 4 Clock faces per page with 2 questions each. These clock worksheets are broken up into time segments of 1 hour increments with 6 worksheets. These are excellent time worksheets for children in grades 1 and 2.

View and Print these Time Worksheets for Telling Time with Subtracting and Adding Time

Time Worksheets - Fill in the Blanks WorksheetsTime Worksheets for Converting Time Units - Fill the Blanks

These Time worksheets focus on direct questions with time units used as a guide. These time units must be converted by the student from 1 unit to another. These do not involve reading clock faces.

For advanced time learners, these worksheet printables display a series of 6 Time related questions/converting per worksheet page. These worksheets also make use of days, weeks, months and years including seconds, minutes and hours.

These time worksheets allow the student to get a better understanding of converting time units from one method of reading time to another. It is a very simple yet effective study worksheets for learning to read the time. Get it below!

View and Print these Time Worksheets ( Fill in the Blanks ) Converting Time Units

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More Time Worksheets will be added soon PLUS we are working on a cool Time Worksheet Generator!